Who we are

Who We Are

  • We are experienced improvement practitioners. Our passion and purpose is in delivering tangible results for our clients. We delight in innovation, solving problems and finding better ways of working for client teams; making Efficient Thinking a habit
  • We are absolute in our determination to transfer sufficient skills within each engagement such that a truly self-sustaining problem-solving capability is created within teams across your organisation
  • We recognise that the way we work and interact with clients’ teams, our attitudes and behaviours, impacts outcomes as much as the techniques and expertise we bring to engagements
  • We build enthusiasm and commitment to the improvement process amongst staff by making it personal: developing the skills that are most relevant to their work and making changes that directly impact and improve their capacity and capability
  • We don’t exist to ‘sell’ consultancy and our business model isn’t predicated on swamping clients with ‘out of the box’ solutions or with success counted in ‘days sold’

Our People

Steve Bott

Steve is founding partner of Efficient Thinking Solutions and has over 20 years’ experience of delivering and advising on transformational change.


As an operations manager he learnt first-hand how to lead teams and enable staff to engage with the improvement process whilst, more recently, he has worked as an advisor within Health, Education, Central and Local Government.
Inspired by an awareness that all organisations have the potential to achieve more, Steve developed the concept of Efficient Thinking, a blend of data analysis, strategic thinking, organisation design, staff engagement and change programme delivery. Proven within Financial, Central Government, Charity and Education sectors the versatility of Efficient Thinking is one of its greatest assets.

Passionate and professional, Steve’s approach is practical and personal, energising and inspiring. A strong and effective communicator he avoids the use of jargon, preferring the everyday vocabulary used by clients’ staff to demystify the improvement process and create confidence and understanding within delivery teams.

Steve has ensured these principles are embedded in Efficient Thinking so that client teams develop the same habits and behaviours enabling them to develop competitive advantage within their organisations and create a lasting legacy within projects.

Julie Bott

A founding partner of Efficient Thinking Solutions, Julie has worked extensively in operational and administrative management for both private and public sector organisations. A ‘people person’, Julie understands the challenges administrative and service staff often face and is committed to helping them to become more productive with less effort. Her enthusiasm is highly contagious!


Julie’s energy comes from an inner drive to transform organisations and to deliver lasting and sustainable change.

Specialising in defining the organisational structures, processes and enabling technology that drive excellent operational admin procedures she has an intuitive understanding of the ‘whole system’ environment, underpinned by her belief that operational admin is fundamental to effective and efficient operations, not just a support mechanism.

An advocate of personal responsibility, her approach is practical and straight-forward; enthusiastic and inspiring. A natural communicator with a flair for training, Julie works assuredly to create learning organisations, the go-to person for support when tackling new areas or improving existing ones.

Associate Partners

We are supported by a number of selected associate partners. All are successful, independent business owners, have backgrounds in operations and consulting, similar to ourselves and who share our vision and values.

Making Efficient Thinking a Habit

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