The Evidence

Quotes from happy clients

“Steve worked with us to help us prepare for a challenging and complex programme of transformation projects. I had the privilege of working closely with Steve over this time. Working with a diverse group of people from very different areas of the business Steve used his skills and experience to bring people together to discuss complex and sometimes quite controversial topics and achieve consensus. It was refreshing to see the ways in which he encouraged engagement and enthusiasm in all colleagues, turning meetings into opportunities where people always found their time working together both interesting and productive.  Steve has a professional yet relaxed approach, which helped ensure that we achieved our objectives to deadline.”

“One of Steve’s deep strengths is his ability to connect with a wide range of people and secure ownership of change. Lots of people claim that ability; he really has it.”

“The trainer demonstrated a thorough knowledge of CI and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the mentoring. This helped me feel more engaged.”

“The content was adjusted to meet our needs and priorities.”

“I was cynical about the use of external consultants; previous experience has been poor (being told what to do without proper explanation, etc). This training hasn’t been like that.”

“There was no management/consultant speak”

“Our attendance was flexed around our other commitments, which meant we could concentrate on what we were doing”

“We were allowed the time to find our own way through what we wanted/needed to learn but were also supported whenever we got stuck”

Making Efficient Thinking a Habit

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