What is Efficient Thinking?

What Is Efficient Thinking?

We have developed a market-leading continuous improvement methodology – Efficient Thinking – that supports businesses and organisations to improve their performance:

  • It draws on the principles and some of the tools from lean thinking, but discards the bits of ‘lean’ that we know from experience do not work well outside manufacturing
  • Central to the methodology is that it is delivered by your staff with support from our consultants
  • We teach your staff how to become ‘efficient thinkers’ which means we leave your organisation both with a problem resolved, or a new process in place, but also a powerful new capability to analyse and fix future issues and problems
  • We are experts in this method and have deployed it with clients in a number of different environments from banking, to central government, to education, to the charity sector
  • Our approach is customised to meet your specific requirements and will enable you to:
    • Accelerate innovation
    • Engage staff in generating brand value
    • Provide rapid and sustainable improvement
    • Change culture through activity-based learning
    • Empower staff and build a definable business identity

Making Efficient Thinking a Habit

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